Centreville Rotary House

Even today, many women and children live in abusive relationships and have difficulty removing themselves from harm. The Centreville Rotary House came about 20 years ago when club members decided the community would benefit from a ‘safe house’ that would be available for women and children who suffered from domestic violence.

The professional and talented members of the Centreville Club initiated a capital fund campaign, acquired land, designed and built a two story house (divided into two, three bedroom living units) and partnered with the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence (MSCFV) to find occupants for the house with those who would benefit.

The Rotary House is maintained by the Centreville Rotary Community Fund, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit that funds the maintenance and upkeep of the house. The Centreville Rotary Club dedicates the funds they raise from the FLAGS FOR HEROES PROJECT to support the Centreville Rotary Community Fund, and also identifies additional fund raising activities to ensure the house is well maintained.

From the beginning, the Club formed a partnership with MSCFV, which vets the families who live in the house, provides mentoring to the families, makes resources available, and manages additional services. To have a safe and stable place to make a home is critical to the recovery of victims of violence.

The house costs approximately $10,000 a year in general operating expenses (utilities, security and internet access, lawn and tree care and over all maintenance of the house and appliances). When one family leaves, the living unit is cleaned, repainted and repaired so a new family can then occupy the unit.

The Rotary House has been in continuous use since 2008. Donations can be made directly to the Centreville Rotary Community Fund, PO Box 533, Centreville, MD 21617

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